Five Key Steps to the Writing Process

An essay is typically, by definition, an essay that is how to check for plagiarism in essays written to present the author’s argument, but this definition is a bit ambiguous, encompassing all of those of newspaper articles or book, newspaper pamphlet or an article, and even an essay. Essays are historically always formal and academic. In Harvard the first student essay was published in 1844. It was a response to Robert E. Sherwood, an Harvard professor. After reading the letter from President Ulysses S. Grant the student essay addressed the flaws of the grant.

A written essay typically starts with a declaration of the purpose of the paper, then the title thesis, the subject or matter to be discussed and the length. An introduction is a concise summary of the points the author believes are crucial to back up their thesis. In the introduction, there will be a definition of the writer’s position, or topic and a personal history of some aspect of the topic area. The essay will conclude with an introduction to the subject, using language that compliments the style of the essay and flows from beginning to the end.

The most important part of the essay evidently, is the introduction. The introduction introduces readers to the writer and gives them the opportunity to present their arguments to challenge the thesis assertion. The introduction is also the opportunity for the reader to ask questions of the writer, show why he or she disagrees, or find flaws in the arguments presented. The introduction sets the scene for the body of the essay. It will include the thesis statement and , possibly, an epilogue. The body will continue the discussion of the thesis statement, and could require additional information on the writer, the opposing viewpoints, or argument in support of the viewpoints presented. The conclusion gives the reader the opportunity to disagree with or support the arguments of the author.

A persuasive essay introduction is required to convince the reader that the thesis is true. This is often accomplished by creating an engaging or appealing opening. The introduction is the initial paragraph which introduces the topic and the argument. This gives the writer an opportunity to address the reader and to present the reasons why the thesis is valid.

Research, solid research and logic are the most effective arguments to support a thesis. But, this argument cannot be made sufficiently. Every essay should convince the reader to choose the conclusion that is in line with the thesis. Therefore, it is necessary to gather adequate supporting evidence and research prior to writing the essay.

One of the most important parts of an essay is the conclusion. Writing the conclusion is almost as important to writing the essay as the introduction. The conclusion is the final paragraph of an essay and gives the reader a reason to go with the conclusion provided in the introduction. The conclusion is not a time for a declaration of victory. But, it does give the writer the motivation to continue on with the next subject. Essays that don’t have strong closing paragraphs are not likely to end up being very readable.

A five-paragraph essay should form the foundation of any composition. A five-paragraph essay should contain an overall thesis statement; at a minimum the thesis statement must be supported by research and data. More than this is acceptable, however the five-paragraph format is best for compositions involving just a few ideas. A good essay outline can aid in overcoming any weaknesses in a limited number of words. A five-paragraph essay with strong central argument will have strong support throughout the essay.

The introduction is where students begin to think about the essay and determine its direction. In the introduction, students need to clearly state their goal and outline how they plan to complete the task. The writing process begins. To outline a simple essay, students must begin with an outline to guide them through the process of writing an essay. The outline is the blueprint for the essay which will eventually become the main point of the writing.

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