Best Free Antivirus VPN Reviews

A VPN protects your data with encryption, shields your computer from hackers, and encrypts your location online. It is a great tool to use with an antivirus program. Not all VPNs and antivirus provide the same features. Therefore, it is important to choose a package which includes both.

We’ve analyzed some of the most effective antivirus programs as well as VPNs with integrated VPNs. These products are lightweight with fast scans, and easy-to-use functions. They also provide excellent malware detection and scanning. We’ve also considered pricing to ensure that the products are affordable for most people.

Norton is a top malware scanner and comes with many extras. It also comes with a powerful VPN that is able to maintain high speeds. Norton’s firewall, network, and phishing defenses are top-quality. Its protection for online banking and shopping is also top-quality. The only drawback of Norton 360 VPN is that it uses a limited amount data per day and does not work with streaming services such as Netflix or Disney+.

Kaspersky is a solid antivirus program that is light on system resources and quick to scan. However, its free VPN has a daily limit of 300 MB, and the password manager only saves 15 logins or credit card. Upgrade to a paid plan and you will receive unlimited data on its VPN as well as parental controls and advanced protection for websites.

Bitdefender is a great option for anyone looking for an extensive security suite, including an VPN. It also has a superb firewall. Its antivirus software is able to detect and stops threats so quickly that you’ll not even know they’re running, and it features an intuitive interface that’s easy to use even for novices. The cheapest plan doesn’t include the high-speed VPN. However by adding it to your subscription allows you to stream content at maximum speed and access content that is geo-restricted.

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