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Find out the latest computer technology news on topics such as Nanotechnology, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Biotechnology, Graphene Technology Battery Technology, and more. Learn about research conducted by top universities and labs like MIT, Cal Tech, Yale, Karlsruhe Tech, and Vienna Tech.

The latest advancements in artificially intelligent systems such as facial or speech recognition are a result of neural networks – densely interconnected meshes comprised of a few simple information processors. Researchers have created a new type of information processor that can allow more advanced devices to mimic the processing power of the human brain.

For decades, engineers see have worked to develop ever sophisticated microprocessors that offer higher performance and less power consumption. Now, they’re hitting a brand new milestone using a chip that makes use of quantum computing to perform billions of calculations per second. All the while still running in the same package as today’s fastest microprocessors.

Security of personal information is more important than ever. Data breaches have caused havoc for Fortune 100 companies and ruined the reputations of high powered executives. They’ve also forced historic educational institutions to close. However, a lot of security tools aren’t effective, and a few are risky. Now a team of cybersecurity experts has created an effective and secure way to safeguard information from hackers.

Research has shown that lack of organization more than cost is the main factor in the improper IT disposal of equipment, which is accelerating the growing e-waste problem. Apple has also added an OtterPilot function to its Siri virtual assistant, which streamlines the entry of CRM data and also transcribes meetings with customers to manage their relationships.

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