Cybersecurity Best Practices for Small Businesses

Best practices for cybersecurity are becoming increasingly important to individuals and businesses of all sizes. Every day, another company is apologizing or admitting to a breach of data. Even large conglomerates can be victim to cyberattacks, but small businesses are the most vulnerable. It’s important to know that cybersecurity measures can be easily implemented and will improve your business’s security online. Everyone should follow the fundamental security principles of using strong passwords and regularly updating software, enabling multifactor authentication, and safe emailing.

For companies, it is also essential to have an expert or team to monitor the network and device security. This will ensure that security holes are addressed immediately after they are discovered. Furthermore, it is essential to have a backup system in place so that even if an attack is successful the company can continue operating while cybersecurity experts take care of the damages and clean up.

It is essential to train your employees on what to look for in attachments or emails that appear suspicious or out of normal. Some attacks are successful even with the best security measures. However, if an employee recognizes the warning signs and knows what to do in the event of a compromise this can reduce the duration of the attack and the damage that could be caused. This can be achieved through awareness training, and by establishing a culture of integrity. The company should also be able keep track of their employees’ activity on their networks and devices to spot any irregularities.

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