The Best Android Antivirus Apps

A multitude of malware and identity theft risks make it a great idea to install an anti-virus app on your Android tablet or smartphone. These applications scan your files, apps and your entire device to protect from malicious software that tries to sabotage your phone or steal your information via fraudulent links, text messages and websites. Some have additional features to keep you safe from phishing and password hacking.

The best antivirus apps for Android provide a high level of protection against malware. They also provide quick scans that have a minimal impact on system resources. They also monitor Wi-Fi networks and notify you when they are suspicious or not secure. They also have antitheft tools to help you locate and remotely lock a lost or stolen phone. Other features that enhance privacy include a junk-cleaner as well as a battery boost, and other privacy-enhancing applications. The most popular free apps provide simple virus scans, while paid options add features such as parental controls and an VPN.

Lookout Security and Antivirus, now rebranded as Lookout Personal, is one of the most popular and oldest apps to secure your Android phone. Its interface is clean and is free of advertisements, which explains its continued popularity. The costs can be high however, if decide to use it on several devices and upgrade to premium tiers to take advantage of additional security features.

Kaspersky is a renowned brand in the field of antivirus software. The app has received high scores from independent labs. Its free version offers basic protection, including blocking calls and SMS as well as automatic updates. The ad supported pro version includes antitheft features, such as the ability to track remotely wipe or secure devices that have been stolen. It also includes an app lock, malware scanning, and an app lock.

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