Winward Casino is an amazing instant casino

Kindred Group, known by many of Australia’s favorite casinos for a long time, has entered the no-registration casino race, and has done so convincingly by opening winward casino aussie on the eve of summer 2020.

Winward Casino’s welcome offer includes 200 free spins on your favorite game, Book of Dead. Free spins at the casino are great: these so-called cash spins require no wagering. The same goes for all the benefits Winward Casino gives away in the form of surprise bonuses. Finally, the simplicity of instant casinos extends to bonuses as well!

Winward Casino is in English and is exclusively for us Australians. Winward Casino with over 1,900 games is really simple and fast, and thanks to its Maltese license it is tax free.

Why choose Winward Casino:

  • With a deposit of €20 for 200 rounds in cash
  • Surprise bonuses with no redemption conditions
  • Good selection of games and viewing functions
  • In English
  • No registration
  • Tax free


  • Always no free spins
  • Extensive selection of games and super casino
  • See the percentage of return and volatility
  • Review of games by manufacturer
  • No registration and quick withdrawal
  • Plenty of jackpot games
  • No decrease in return percentage
  • Specially for Australians

Winward Casino review – all that matters at the casino

Winward Casino without registration was released in the summer of 2020. Read this Winward Casino review and update your casino information! What can you expect from a casino? Is it a bit like going to a Winward Casino machine to withdraw cash?

At least the welcome offer seems almost like that. The casino is giving its new customers 200 free spins for Book of Dead for just €20. At Winward Casino, the free spins are called cash spins because their wins don’t require any betting, just like any casino bonus. After the first rounds of cash, the casino is buoyed by nice surprise gifts.

So Winward Casino is relaxing all the way. Freedom of registration, simplified interface, no recycling requirements, fast withdrawals – now we are close to the perfect dream casino.

Return percentages and volatility are displayed right in the lobby, and at Supercasino, returns on several of your favorite games are held up to 98 percent.

Winward Casino is as good as it sounds. Its creators have plenty of experience, as the Swedish Kindred Group is behind Winward Casino. It already has a lot of really qualified online casinos that Australians have enjoyed for years.

Winward Casino has been carefully designed and designed just for us Aussie players. It is entirely in English and is done very well. Kindred is known for its high quality customer service, which is also available in English. The EU license issued by the Malta Gambling Authority is a guarantee that the casino complies with European laws and is a reliable online casino . At the same time, it provides us with a tax-free withdrawal of profits.

Winward Casino brings together, among other things, a good selection of games, great promotions, English language, transparent instructions and rules, and tax exemption. Winward Casino differs from other casinos in that you can play there directly with bank IDs without registration. Also, the terms and conditions could not be more transparent when there are no recirculation conditions.

Winward Casino has immediately exceeded 200 rounds for cash

Winward Casino’s welcome offer is top notch! The casino is giving away 200 free spins on the Book of the Dead to all new customers who deposit at least 20 euros.

The great thing about Winward Casino’s free spins is that they are so-called cash spins. Money rounds are another name for free spins, and the ingenuity of money rounds is that their winnings do not require a refund. Thus, winnings are credited directly to the game account in cash.

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